High Definition Viewing

The Sky-Eye HD Camera provides a high definition, magnified close-up overhead view without interfering with personnel or equipment in the working area. The high definition encoder video recorder captures the project and easily transfers to a Mac or PC for reviewing or editing.

A+ Teaching Tool

The Sky-Eye HD Camera is an incredible teaching and documentation tool used by surgeons, physicians and teachers alike to review and examine procedures. The image can be projected onto a secondary monitor allowing students to see in complete clarity as they are being instructed.

Complete Control

Unlike cheaper alternatives, the Sky-Eye HD Camera System allows complete viewing control. Users can pan 90 degrees left or right, tilt up or down, rotate 350 degrees, and zoom in or out, providing exactly the right image all the time, every time.

About the Sky-Eye HD Camera System

The Sky-Eye® HD remote-controlled video camera provides a superior detailed view of the surgical procedure or anatomy dissection. Produce high quality HD video of surgeries that is more stable and less obtrusive than using a hand-held camera.

Document unique or unusual invasive Surgery

Produce Videos of surgeries for staff & patients

Review the performance of your surgical staff

Document Injuries in the Emergency Room

Improve Visual Presentations of anatomy dissections.

Financing & Grant Options Available: contact us for information.

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