Sky-Eye® HD Camera Systems     



Mobile Remote-Controlled High Definition Video Camera Designed to
Record Surgery and Used in Anatomy Classes

Produce high quality HD video of surgeries that is more stable and less obtrusive than using a hand-held camera. 
The Sky-EyeŽ HD remote-controlled video camera provides a superior detailed view of the surgical procedure or anatomy dissection.

Click picture below to download a high resolution pdf file for printing.

The Medical Sky-EyeŽ HD Camera System has a number of applications at hospitals, medical schools and teaching hospitals.

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  • Document unique or unusual invasive Surgery

  • Produce Videos of surgeries for staff & patients

  • Review the performance of your surgical staff

  • Document Injuries in the Emergency Room

  • Improve Visual Presentations of anatomy dissections.

  • Lease/Purchase Plan: contact us for information.

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